Jan 27

Scientific Calculators for smartphone

Every smartphone comes with a built in calculator app, for some of us its good enough and for the rest its not, this compilation of scientific calculators for Android, iphone, symbian and windows mobile is for the latter.

Windows mobile 

Since i have a windows mobile so its the first on the list :P , I have MyCalulator and Smart Algebra on my phone, MyCalculator is a scientific calculator with a neat and easy to understand UI and has most of the functions found in a typical scientific calculator. Smart Algebra is a graphing calculator capable of plotting graphs for upto 9 functions. It also has a zoom and trace feature which can be used to find out the value at a particular point, maxima, minima etc. MyCalculator can be downloaded from here, and Smart Algebra can be downloaded from here.


Android has a lot of options when it comes to calculators, but the best one, which is also free is Real Scientific Calculator. The calculator has every function needed in a scientific calculator and a converter also. If you need a more powerful calculator with graphing capabilities, try MathStudio(not free, rather expensive).


Free Graphing Calculator is the best free scientific and graphing calculator for iOS. In Free Graphing Calculator, as the name suggests, you get a scientific calculator and  a graphing calculator and its free. However iOS also has a more powerful calculator called Mathstudio(same as the android version, and expensive again :P ).


For the Nokia fanboys out there, you have the Scientific Calculator to do your calculations, the app is cheap at just Rs. 25. It only has the features of typical scientific calculator, no graphing.


Surprisingly there is a scientific calculator for Java mobiles too, its called Calc. For more details and download link, click here.

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